Industry Contract Template

Industry Contract
When two industries are wants to engage or start their combined business like partners then the both industries are prepared a specific contract or document. In this contract all the terms and conditions of work, securities and responsibilities are includes which are specified by both...
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Consultancy Contract Template

consultancy Contract
It is a legal contract which is done between the consultant and his/her client company. It is consisted on all those the methods which are consulted and also the terms and conditions for starting consulted work/task the purpose and duration of starting and the amount...
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Finance Contract Template

Finance Contract
It is a contract which is signed about the credit or money between two parties’ persons or companies. In this contract all the terms of payment or credit is mentioned. It also used in any financial transaction. It may be used in buying, selling, repurchasing...
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Partnership Contract Template

Partnership Contract
When two individuals and two parties are wants to start their combined business by investing their own resources and money in the business of their partner for earning profits then this partnership contract is prepared. In this contract all the resources, money which are contributed,...
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Credit Contract Template

Credit Contract
It is a legal contract which is prepared by the financial institutes / banks when applicant for loan applies for a credit facility. This contract is also prepared for certify all the terms of the contract as well as the all the rules and regulation...
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Sponsorship Contract Template

Sponsorship Contract
A sponsorship contract template is a contract which is done between two parties regarding obtaining sponsorship for any purpose is called Sponsorship Contract. All the terms and conditions of this contract, the information about the providing sponsors as well as the information and signature of...
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Agreement Contract Template

Contract Agreement format
When two and more parties and persons are reach an understanding about a specific issue while including their obligations, rights and duties. And a contract is written about all the specific information terms and conditions of the agreement which are specified. This contract is signed...
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Project Construction Contract Template

Project Construction Contract
A Construction contract template is a legally binding agreement which is also about a specific details about an undersigned or construction project. This contract is also about the costs, duration of the constructions allotted time period for the completion of construction, the terms and conditions...
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Consignment Contract Template

Consignment Contract
A consignment contract template is a tool which is used to engage a seller and the owner of goods for earning profits. For this purpose the owner gives his goods to the seller for selling and earnings. And those earnings are also dividend between both...
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Bill of Sale Contract Template

A Bill of sale contract template is signed between buyer and seller before the transaction of any type of goods, business and property. In this contract the terms and conditions of buying, selling, buying dates, timings, bill or price as well as the due date...
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