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A consignment contract template is a tool which is used to engage a seller and the owner of goods for earning profits. For this purpose the owner gives his goods to the seller for selling and earnings. And those earnings are also dividend between both them. Before giving the goods to seller a contract is signed which is prepared by the owner which is also consisted on all the terms of selling and profit earning contract must be signed before giving any type of consignment. It also can be prepared by any business company or organization. It also created in a proper format. Here we offer you to use our designed template. The preview of this template is inserted here just before our provided download link.


A consignment agreement is an agreement between a consignee and consignor for the storage, transfer, sale or resale and use of the commodity. The consignee may take goods from the consignment stock for use or resale subject to payment to the consignor agreeably to the terms bargained in the consignment agreement.

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Consignment Contract

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