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When two industries are wants to engage or start their combined business like partners then the both industries are prepared a specific contract or document. In this contract all the terms and conditions of work, securities and responsibilities are includes which are specified by both industries. Also the information about their own industry and working strategies which are also include for the convenience of both parties. This is also prepared for avoiding all the problems or for the efficient work. Here we are offering you the well prepared format of this contract which is not only meet your requirements but also help you in making your own industry contract template. Please find below the picture of this template. Because this template is prepared in MS Word so after downloading you can make different changes in its contents according per your needs. A download link is also inserted here for quick and easy downloading.


A management contract is an arrangement under which operational control of an enterprise is … Management contracts have been used to a wide extent in the airline industry, and when foreign government action restricts other entry methods.

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Industry Contract

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