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When two individuals and two parties are wants to start their combined business by investing their own resources and money in the business of their partner for earning profits then this partnership contract is prepared. In this contract all the resources, money which are contributed, all terms and conditions of the relationship between the partners and also the rights and responsibilities of both parties and the length of relationship is mentioned in this contract. This relationship is prepared for avoiding all those problems and misunderstandings which might be come when the partnership is ends. This business contract is also prepared for the convenience of both parties and also prepared in professional way. Here we are offering you our presented partnership contract template which is prepared by our professionals while including all the contents of this contract in a proper form. You can also find here an attractive and nice picture of this partnership contract template. A download link is also inserted here below the picture of this template.

A partnership contract, also called the articles of partnership, is a document that establishes the terms of the partnership and the agreements between partners. A partnership contract does not always have to be written. People can form a verbally binding contract just by forming an agreement in a business discussion.

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Partnership Contract

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