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A Sales contract template is a written contract which is signed before selling or exchanging products, services or property by the vendor to purchaser. It is signed when a buyer agreed for paying same money which is demanded and specified in this contract by the seller. All the terms and conditions, amount and term of payment is also include in this contract. This contract is also used by the any company or organization for efficient selling and to protect the interest of the contracting parties. This certificate is also used in professional life therefore must be prepared by the professionals in a well designed and professional looking format. Here we are offering you our sales contract template which is ready to use and professional looking template and also designed by our professionals. The preview of this template is also inserted here. This is a ready to use template so you can use this sales contract template immediately after downloading. A download link is also inserted here for quick and easy downloading.


A contract of sale is a legal contract. It is a contract for the exchange of goods, services or property that are the subject of exchange from seller (or vendor) to buyer (or purchaser) for an agreed upon value in money (or money equivalent) paid or the promise to pay same.

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Sales Contract
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